Individual, Couples, or Family Therapy

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and utilize a spectrum of therapeutic interventions customized to the needs of the individual or family members. Narrative elements, grief therapy, relaxation and stress reduction techniques, and cognitive behavioral elements are implemented to assist people during their journey toward growth and achieving their goals.

Online Therapy / Tele-Mental Health

Online therapy is an easy and secure way for patients who have a residence in the state of Florida to utilize therapy from anywhere you have access to a phone or computer. Options include the use of video conferencing (similar to Skype, but encrypted), audio conferencing, chat, phone, or e-mail. My online therapy services are accessible through a secure patient area that is encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

Please note – Skype, standard e-mail, and phone conversations can be recovered by third parties, however my secure patient area is completely safe.

Not everyone is a good candidate for online therapy services. If you are interested in registering for an intake session, please click below.

Access Lisa Zucker's Secure Patient Area


Individual and Family consultations are available to discuss ceremonies and rituals related to death and dying such as celebration of life ceremonies, funerals, memorial services, and anniversaries of loss. For example, this may include discussing the funeral or burial process with children, working with a dying person to create their own service, or working with a bereaved family a year after their loss to create a beautiful remembrance ritual.