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When one door closes...

Sometimes when we experience a life transition, the negative experience associated with losing what we had can overwhelm our outlook. But it is important to keep in mind that often times we have to make room in our lives for something greater by letting go of things that we find at the time to be important, like a forest fire clearing the underbrush to allow for new growth in the forest. Here's an example - I worked with a gentleman (whose information has been altered to protect confidentiality) who had worked, and continued to work, in the medical field. He chose this work because it hit close to home - he had survived the same conditions he was treating in the field. So when his employers unexpectedly removed him from the schedule, he was understandably devastated as the loss was not only the loss of employment, but it also hurt him personally. We fleetingly talked about finding another job working with the same population in the health field, but ultimately, this loss became a blessing in disguise as he ventured into a new area of employment that was so drastically different from what he was previously doing. This life change was completely outside of his comfort zone and would never have happened without that first door closing. Reflecting back on his journey from his current place of security and contentment with work, he feels that opportunity is greater now then ever before - the opportunity to continue to advance, to find success, and to feel satisfied in his career. It has completely changed his outlook on many aspects of life. When he feels challenged with loss, he is able to feel solace in knowing that his experience is one of a single closed door leading to many new doors wide open to explore. I hope his revelation and positive outlook can inspire you to find the good even when times are challenging.

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